Armed conflict in Cameroon: Women paying the highest price

Caryn Dasah, 29, is a Cameroonian peace builder, social justice activist, and gender equality campaigner. Dasah, who is a member of the Beijing+25 Youth Task Force, was recently chosen General Coordinator of the Cameroon women´s peace movement, which is made up of a collection of women-led civil society organizations

In a statement, she pointed out that the ongoing conflict in some regions of Cameroon have caused a lot to women and girls in the country

“Women are exposed to violence, insecurity, fear, and anxiety, which affect our mental health, and we do not have the opportunity for self-care. Women must be protected so that they can continue to do crucial work”

I´ve witnessed firsthand how much violence women have endured. Not every woman has the same ability to utilize her voice as I do. Some people have been through so much violence, grief, and despair that they don´t know how to get out… They don´t have access to the same information I do. As a result, it is my job and role to advocate for gender equality.

We can´t progress if more than half of the population is left behind. We shall not stop until every woman in every area of the globe understands, lives, and enjoys her rights, in the spirit of sisterhood and solidarity.

The struggle in Cameroon has been a lot harder because of the ongoing violence in some parts of the country.

She also added that women have been at the forefront to advocate for a return to normalcy in the troubled regions of the country

“Women have played a key role in advocating for a peaceful settlement to the current issue. The disputes arose unexpectedly, forcing us as women to band together to urge for peace while ensuring our basic needs were met. As peacekeepers, relief workers, and mediators, women are powerful advocates for peace”.

Women are on the front lines, offering assistance to others who are impacted in neighbouring towns and in the woods. Despite the increased insecurity, they continue to work for the sake of their community, even as rape and sexual assault instil dread and seek to silence them. “We will not stop until every woman in the world is aware of her rights, lives them, and appreciates them.”she declared.

And the fighting has had a particularly negative impact on women and young girls. Sexual and reproductive health and rights are not available to them. Hospitals have been set ablaze, and women are giving birth without access to medical care she mentioned.


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