Limbe: La Castrol, Rafiki Investment Group unveil three-year mega project worth FCFA 2bn


Tabot and Castrol Company Limited and La Société Rafiki Investment Group have unveiled a three year mega project worth FCFA 2 billion to Limbe denizens.

The business gurus made the revelation to the public during an entrepreneur banquet party on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Speaking during the event, the CEO of Tabot Castrol Company Ltd, Tabot Roger Egbe said they have been working on the project for over a decade.

“I believe we all have been going around the world seeing people doing things, but when we come back we always ask ourselves how’s Cameroon like this” Tabot Roger said.

He opined that “Cameroon will be a better place when we stop throwing blame on one another”.

Tabot urged entrepreneurs to create impact so others can benefit from it. “The project is more of a moral support. It’s about real estate, Banking and Finance”,

“It’s high time we come together as one and impact our society. Forget about what’s going on in the country, we’ll make things comfortable and happy for everyone. Come let’s change the perceptive of negative energy of pointing fingers to people.” Tabot emphasised.

On his part, Julius Besong Ayuk, micro finance consultant, who did an exposé about Harambee Finance Cooperative regretted that though they envisaged a bank, they are beginning as a small micro finance before stepping up several gears.

“You know La Castrol is getting into real estate and real estate needs support, financial house to manage the project in the future. Likewise the estate project in the future is going to be a backup for the financial institution.” Julius Besong explained.

He added that with the real estate been implanted it becomes a backup to the institution and the institution becomes a treasury and financial operating house for the real estate.

Quizzed on the role Harambee Finance Co-operative will play in the real estate project, he explained that it will act as a key treasury that will be able to consolidate collection of cash from those who will be doing payment in the future.

Besong added that Harambee Financial Cooperative is going to finance small and medium size entreprises which has been a loud cry.

According to him real estate are unable to have finance from banks because of collateral security, but they are ready to finance without collateral security.

On his part, the CEO of Société Rafiki Investment Group, Kelvin Pona Hongla said the mega project which will run from 31 March to December 31, 2025 will attract foreign investors and advised the population to seize the opportunity.

Takusi Soh Tchuinkwa CEO/ Director of Easy point multipurpose center Kumba, said the whole idea is about investment, development and bringing the population to see how to develop the country as a whole.

La Castrol and Societé  Rafiki Investment Group Sarl are visionaries with FCFA 2 billion for investment as of now. They’re struggling to bring other individuals to buy their initiative for the dream to be realistic”. Takusi Soh explained.

He added that the whole idea is how to change the mindset of entrepreneurs so that the country will always continue to be Africa miniature.

Soh urged local investors to see the reality at hand and grab this opportunity to develop Cameroon. He added that project will focus on low cost housing, luxurious houses, road infrastructure, hospitals, schools among others.

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