More beautiful pages are yet to come – Hon Joshua Osih tells SDF militants

By Doh James Sonkey

The First National Vice President of the leading opposition political party, Social Democratic Front, Hon Joshua Osih has told militants to be steadfast for more beautiful pages are yet to come. He told militants in a written statement last May 26, 2023 as they celebrated the 33rd anniversary of their party.

“Today, we proudly celebrate the 33rd anniversary of our Party. After more than three decades serving Cameroon and Cameroonians, fighting for freedom and democracy, we can be very proud of our accomplishments. History is on the move and continues to be written thanks to you, and I am certain more beautiful pages are yet to come. As a family, we have known our fair share of persecutions, repressions, misunderstandings, disagreements, and even fights, al testament to the vibrancy and potency of our great party. These challenges, as difficult as they have been, have provided very unique opportunities for us to learn, to rebuild ourselves, teach but above all to remain steadfast in our resolve in building a better and stronger Cameroon. Thanks to all of your efforts, belief and dedication, dear members, that our great SDF family is still standing tall. All this deserves congratulations and encouragement.” Hon Joshua Osih said at the opening of the message.

SDF 1st National Vice President,
Hon Joshua Osih

He congratulated the entire SDF family “for the tremendous groundwork carried out in recent weeks, particularly in the reorganisation of Party structures throughout the national territory. The fruits of this exercise showcased the robustness of the party by our nationwide participation during the National Day celebrations, preparations for the anniversary of our great party and most importantly the excitement for our upcoming 10h Ordinary National Convention. A big thank you to every one of you for the efforts made and for the positive spirit that motivates such commendable achievements. We were equally able to make significant strides, reaching out to the trade unions, to create a synergy for the benefit of every hardworking Cameroonian, a work in progress, but true to our charter to deliver descent working conditions to all.”

The 1st National Vice President of the SDF party concluded that “In a few months, our 10th Ordinary Convention will be held in Yaoundé from July 28th to 29th and which will give our Party the next leadership team to win the political battles of the coming years. It is up to us to mobilize accordingly to transform our political proposals into actions for the redemption of our country. The challenges ahead leave us with no other alternative. We are convinced that our Nation is at a turning point, and that we will continue to write the pages of its history together. You are the symbol of Cameroon’s resilience, its diversity and its combativeness. The country needs us, our country needs the change that we propose and embody, it needs Social Democracy.”


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