National Evaluation Commission rejects 12 fake certificates

By Doh James Sonkey

Members of the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training Domains Offered Abroad have rejected 12 fake certificates.

They rejected the certificates as they met last November 20, 2023 at the Higher Teacher Training College of the University of Yaounde I for their 110th and 111th ordinary sessions.

Chairing the sessions on behalf of the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education and Chancellor of Academic Orders, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Wilfred Gabsa Nyongbet in the presence of the Vice Chair who is the representative of the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms and a representative of the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Prof Achille Elvice Bella.

MINESUP SG, Prof Wilfred Gabsa chairing the twin sessions

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof Wilfred Gabsa prescribed to members to “make just, honest and equal value correspondence between national degrees and diplomas offered abroad.”

The session enabled members to examine the 2427 application files from 50 countries in different continents. Some 2395 equivalence was accorded while waiting for the decision of the national commission.

They detected 18 rejected files for the following reasons; online training not homologated, delocalized training not authorized, school not abilitated to issue diplomas, diploma with religious characteristics, the value acquired experience not homologated in Cameroon etc.

The Director of the Coordination of Academic Activities at the Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Fongod Augustina Genla Nwana explained that “these are the last two sessions for the year 2023. November 8 and 9, 2023 sub commissions met at the Ministry of Higher Education and adopted work submitted today. 1114 applications were received for 110th session and 1313 applications were received for the 111th session. We had 2 cases of certificates which were first declared fake but after examination, we realized that they were authentic.”

Talking to the press, she rejoiced that “applicants are now fully aware that you cannot just submit any application asking for equivalence because it will not go through.”

Words of encouragement and certificates of recognition were dished out to Okha Naseli nee Awor Florence and Manga

Eight complaints were also received.

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