Our candidate will never challenge President Paul Biya – National Coordinator of Franckist Movement

By Doh James Sonkey

The Founding President and National Coordinator of the Franckist Citizen Movement for Peace and Unity of Cameroon, Alain Fidele Owona has declared that ‘‘our candidate and champion, Franck Emmanuel Biya cannot push President Biya or challenge him in any election.”

He re-iterated the stand of the Movement last Saturday,  November 25, 2023 at the CPDM party Hall at Akonolinga in the Nyong and Mfoumou Division of the Centre region during the General Assembly of the movement.

Alain Fidele Owona further explained that ‘‘there are people struggling to distort information and misinform citizens that our champion, Franck Emmanuel Biya will challenge his father in the 2025 Presidential election in Cameroon. This is not true because he supports his father in all actions. Our champion has made it clear that he is militating in the CPDM that has one unique candidate according to the texts of party.’’

Explaining that ‘‘the Franckist movement is not a political party, but a movement that brings together youths from all angles of the world who think that after President Paul Biya, a youth should be brought in to take over from President Biya and ensure continuity for Cameroon to become emergent by 2035. Our champion will only go in as a candidate only if President Paul Biya will not be going in for his re-election. It might be in 2025 or in 2030.’’

The General Assembly meeting was chaired by the Secretary General of the Franckist Citizen Movement for Peace and Unity of Cameroon, Prince Obosso Epupu

Meeting under the slogan of “once a Franckist, always a Franckist,” followers of the Franckist Movement used the occasion to consolidate their support and called for general mobilization while waiting for the right time.

The Centre Regional Delegate said ‘‘If Nyong and Mfoumou are ok with Emmanuel Franck Biya, then the entire country is with him.’’

The Founding President and National Coordinator thanked all delegates for their presence at Akonolinga. This association governs the movement.

Movement executives from Cameroon and the Diaspora pose with Alain Fidele Owona

He reiterated that ‘‘it is an opportunity for us to meet given that we work on phones. Akonolinga is the political fief of Cameroon. It is linked to our champion and we are here in good hands. Transmit to all those who couldn’t come here to mobilize in support of Emmanuel Olivier Franck Biya for him to conduct Cameroon to an emerging country by 2035. We identified someone who is capable and that is Franck Biya.  So long as President Paul Biya is there we will support him but if he decides to back out, we will present the candidature of Franck Olivier Biya. Our champion Franck Emmanuel Biya is militating for the CPDM like many of us here. Our candidate will never challenge President Paul Biya.’’

He told supporters of the movement that, ‘‘Franck Emmanuel Biya cannot give his political position now. The Franckist Movement is in the right direction to prepare a youth capable of taking over President Paul Biya.”

SG Prince Oboso Epupu says it was stock-taking

Also talking to The SUN, the Secretary General, Prince Obosso Epupu Reagen said the “Akonolinga General Assembly concerns principally the Franckist Citizen Movement for Peace and Unity of Cameroon. Our objective was to bring together all the militants of this Movement especially the Delegates at the Regional, Divisional, Sub Divisional levels and the Diaspora. We came here at Akonolinga to take stock of our activities throughout the year and to set new objectives for us to attain in 2024. We orientate things especially mobilization in the field is supposed to be conducted so as to get more youths into the Movement and pursuing them to get their voters registered to prepare for the upcoming Presidential election coming in 2025 that only if the President of the Republic, H.E Paul Biya will not be going in again.  The Franckist Movement is not here to contest with the present dispensation or to challenge the President of the Republic not at all. The movement is there to prepare Franck Olivier Biya to handle the affairs of this nation after President Paul Biya. In a General Assembly like this, we reviewed so many things concerning our movement like the adoption of our basic texts and internal rules and regulations. They were examined in plenaries and we adopted them.”The Secretary General stressed that “the Franckist Citizen Movement for Peace and Unity of Cameroon is well legalized in Cameroon.

The various ten regions presented their activities report with more implantation envisaged in the country and the Diaspora.It was announced that the Diaspora is waiting for the President National Coordinator in Paris in the days ahead.

A Cameroonian born Swiss in the movement in charge of persons with Disabilities, took the floor and said the people he had talked to showed a lot of interests and will support the movement and its champion.

The General Assembly ended with members adopting resolutions to strengthen the movement worldwide.

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