Prof. P.K Titanji, others urged to uphold Landmark Metropolitan University’s vision

By Ikome Christie-Noella Eposi in Buea

The Chancellor/President of the Landmark Group of Companies, Prof. Simon Legah has urged the newly installed pioneer Vice Chancellor and otherprincipal officials to uphold the vision and mission of the Landmark Metropolitan University.

He was speakingduring the Installation ceremony which took place this Tuesday October 10, 2023 at the Landmark Metropolitan University Campus B.

<em><strong>Prof PK Titanji others urged to uphold Landmark Metropolitan Universitys vision<strong><em>

Providing quality education to young Cameroonians, Prof. Simon Legah said Landmark equally has as vision to produce productive leaders, reasons why the institution has installed the university dons with all their experience so that they can contribute to the growth of the university.

Stating some strides made by the institution thus far, the President noted that the Landmark Metropolitan University through its online local training platform has been able to meet the needs of over 5000 professionals from 45 countries in the world and over 2000 of them work in most top companies. “Our main vision is partnering with the state to provide quality higher education to young Cameroonians and young Africans”.

In his installation address, the pioneer Vice Chancellor Prof Vincent P.K Titanji said he is full of enthusiasm and ready to help fulfill the triple missions of teaching, research and outreach. “Landmark has stood out by the quality of staff, supporting infrastructure and program delivery tools. We come in with holistic education which aspires to free the minds of learners to think logically and act responsibly and to be good citizens”.

“We must equip our learners not only with technical and professional skills in their various fields but stimulate in them a capacity to innovate and attack the ever-changing android world”. He noted

To the incoming principal officers and the staff of the University, the pioneer VC encouraged them to do their best and enable landmark raise funds to support its running cost. “Do all the teaching, learning and outreach you want only if it keeps LMU on the path of growth and to be the best. You have not come to LMU to look for money. You have come to look for greatness and the opportunity to shine. Embrace the entrepreneurial goal getting spirit that characterizes Landmark” he averred.

He urged the students to remain focused and avoid all forms of distractions. “The choices before you are so many and so are the distractions. If you work hard and constructively you will succeed. Do not forget the lessons of good conduct you learnt at home” he advised.

The President, Prof Simon Legah added that the LMU training is done such that the students are able to explore global opportunities. “That is why we are called the Pride of Africa. We are ensuring that the dignity of the black man is being respected around the world.

Talking to the press after the ceremony, Prof Simon Legah said LMU offers programs that are both local and global ranging from the school of Buisness, Engineering, Health Sciences and the School of Agriculture. “Our students have the opportunity to study both at the HND level, Degree and Master Degree level for now. Our PhD programs will be launched soon”.

The installation ceremony also witnessed the commissioning into office of DVCs, the Registrar, Deans, Directors and Sub-directors who were all called to put hands on deck and ensure that Landmark Metropolitan University is made the beacon of excellence, hope and progress.

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