Race to March 12 Senatorial Elections: CPDM galvanizes militants, urges them to put differences aside and work as a team

By Ikome Christie-Noella Eposi in Buea

Militants of the Cameroon Peoples’ Democratic Movement, CPDM, for the South West Region have been urged to put aside all differences and work as a team.

This is in view of the upcoming senatorial election which is to take place on March 12 2023 wherein municipal and regional councilors shall elect senators for the third time in the political history of the country.

Chairing the mega launch of campaigns for the upcoming senate elections last Sunday, February 26, 2023 at the esplanade of the Buea council chambers was the Head of the CPDM South West Permanent Regional Delegation of the Central Committee, Peter Mafany Musonge who told the CPDM militants to demonstrate commitment, discipline, loyalty and fidelity to the great CPDM party.

“We should work hard to get our regional and municipal councilors, party comrades to massively vote for the CPDM list, the only list in our region. Let us sink whatever differences we may have between us and work as a team”.

He told the militants that their personal interest should be an integral part of the general interest. “Keep up with the spirit of solidarity, determination, being committed and loyal to the party and region. In politics and especially when it comes to elections, nothing is taken for granted. You do not sleep with both eyes closed. The stakes of the upcoming senate elections for our region are very high. The senate is the upper hand of parliament which represents the regional and local authorities, amends, rejects and adopts bills submitted for its examination”. Peter Mafany Musonge stated.

“In exactly two weeks, our regional and municipal councilors will go the polls to elect the representatives of our region in the senate. It is going to be an all-CPDM affair because all the candidates and electors are militants of the CPDM”. He added

The militants took the commitment to work for an even stronger senate, with a view to completing decentralization, guaranteeing and evermore dynamic local democracy and catalyzing the socio-economic development of the region. They equally resolved to show courage, remain vigilant and cooperative, take their responsibilities and choose the lists of the CPDM.

In his welcome address, the host section President Fako III, the Mayor of Buea, Bar. David Mafani Namange appreciated the President of the Republic for matching words with actions. “We are aware of what is expected of us on the D-day and you can count on us”.

Tabe Tando, Otte Andrew Moffa, Mbella Moki Charles, Ntube Agnes Ndode, Anki Affiong Rebecca, Lekunze Andreas and Lionel Papinatou Fonderson are the 7 substantive candidates who were presented before the militants.

The Minister of special duties at the Presidency, Victor Arrey Mengot presenting the rallying call for the CPDM victory stated that the South West region is one of the two regions where the CPDM stands unopposed. “For the SW region, there will be 959 electors spread out in 17 polling stations. We have to keep the CPDM aptly and firmly represented in the senate. It I,s time to put aside our misgivings, place ourselves in battle formation and be ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Do not rest on your laureates. We must be vigilant and avoid errors that may cause us dearly. We must be humble and avoid arrogance. Let us carryout a quality campaign” he advised the CPDM militants.

Talking to the press, Peter Mafany Musonge called the militants to come out in their numbers and vote. “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have 100% because the CPDM is a serious and determined party which is out for the peace and development of our country”.

My records stand out clear- Mbella Moki Charles

“I am going to use my records to achieve the desired results. The party chose me because of the record I have which stands out clear and distinguished. It gives me hope that the people of the region, the militants of the CPDM with whom I have worked with through difficult moments and of course moments of pleasure will now recognize their hunting dog and allow it chase the votes for them. We shall work day and night, on the streets and everywhere we can in comradeship with the hope that the results that are going to come from the South West region are those that are going to offer a thank you to the head of state for all what he has done for the region in human capital and infrastructural development”. Candidate Sen. Mbella Moki Charles.

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