Advertise with Us


All advertisements placed on the Sites are governed by the following conditions:


  • All adverts must not be false, fraudulent or misleading
  • All bookings are subject to confirmation of acceptance by VTC cameroon
  • All banner graphics files must be supplied to VTC cameroon’s size specifications and optimised ready for use. VTC cameroon reserves the right to reject graphics which hamper the overall performance of the site.
  • All advert content (graphics & written) MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WEB-READY FORMAT! Acceptable file types are (gif, png, jpeg). No animation. We offer two Full Banner sized ads (468 pixels x 60 pixels) at the bottom of The Sun Home page and should be provided by the advertiser in electronic files by email.
  • External hyperlinks from adverts which are set to open in a new browser window must go to the same site/ product/ service as is being advertised will incur additional charges
  • Adverts should not require viewers to click on the advertisement to submit personally identifiable information (such as name, date of birth, phone numbers, physical addresses or email addresses) on the landing page or in the advert, except to enable an ecommerce transaction
  • VTC cameroon reserves the right to reject,suspend and/or terminate any advertisement supplied which does not comply with our guidelines or which VTC cameroon considers to be misleading, defamatory or otherwise unacceptable for any other reason.
  • These specific categories of organisations, products or services will not be advertised on The Sun Newspaper’s website


Types of organisations:

  • Political organisations
  • Manufacturers and distributors of tobacco products
  • Manufacturers and distributors of alcohol



  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Pornography and adult content
  • Gambling and betting services
  • Dating sites, services or related content
  • Uncertified pharmaceutical products
  • Inflammatory religious content
  • Web-based non-accredited colleges that offer degrees



  • No advert shall appear until the specifications and financial engagements have been met.
  • Rates and standards are subject to change without advance notice.
  • No refund or reduction in fees shall be given following delayed appearance of the advertisement
  • beyond the booking commencement date arising from the advertiser’s own delay.
  • VTC Cameroon will issue an invoice for the advertising fees to the advertiser upon acceptance of the booking.



  • The advertiser assumes liability for the contents of all advertisements and agree to indemnify The sun Newspaper against any damages and related expenses (including attorneys fees) arising out of such publication.
  • The Sun Newspaper shall have no liability for failure to execute accepted advertising orders because of governmental restrictions, acts of God, accidents, fires, internet outages or any other cause beyond her control.


Note : The contract regulations set forth herein are final and binding. It will be presumed that clients have read this information and have agreed to its conditions without any further contact or notice.