Victoria United alias OPOPO in crisis: SW Governor steps in, convenes extraordinary congress


The Governor of the South West Region Bernard Okalia Bilai convened an extraordinary congress of Victoria United on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 at the Limbe City Council Hall Bota to seek for peace, bury hatchets and protect the club.

The sum of FCFA 21.4 million was raised on the spot to help in the running of the club.

Speaking during the congress Governor Bernard Okalia said the purpose of the congress was to protect Victoria United alias OPOPO. “We came to repair not to scatter. We came here to make peace forever. We are here as sons and daughters of one country, of this region,”

“I will not like to carry the difficult exercise of saying that the law should be applied because of hate speech or so on. All the parties should see together to make peace, so that those complaints at the level of the courts can be withdrawn.” Bernard Okalia said.

In his remarks, the Limbe City Mayor, Paul Efome L.M Ngale appreciated the Governor for organizing such a timely meeting to prevent OPOPO from being dissolved.

South West Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai addressing stakeholders

He appealed to the population of Limbe Municipality that even though mistakes have been made things can be re-arranged. He pledged his total support to Victoria United.

Victoria United president, Nkwain Valentine: “OPOPO is not my private property but a community team. Football is a unifying factor but it hasn’t been easy because of jealousy and enemies, I decided to step down. Victoria United needs the support of the Elites.”

He added that the club lacks a training field, while he revealed that it is the words of some people who say he is not a son of Fako that made him step down.

President of Victoria United, alias OPPO Nkwain Valentine

SW FECAFOOT President, Ndazeh noted that “All clubs in the South West need the support of the government in the region and not only Victoria United and ISOHSA. We have promoted two Elite clubs and we are not going to stop there.”

He went on to say that FECAFOOT South West has been able to promote two teams in the Elite I and II football in the Region.

Senator Mbella Moki urged the Attorney General to cancel all cases concerning football matters in the South West Region.

He added that the president of OPOPO deserves respect, support and love. While assuring him that things will not be the same again.

Cross section of OPPO stakeholders during the congress

Senator Lionel Papinatu Fonderson appreciated the Governor for coming to resolve the matter of OPOPO while telling the president of OPOPO to seek blessings from Fako Chiefs.

On his part, the President of the Southwest Regional Assembly Elango Zacheus Bakoma said all the detractors of the club should drop their distractions and grow their support to OPOPO to make it one of the best clubs in Cameroon.

The Paramount Chiefs of Limbe and Buea HRM John Elufa Manga Williams and Robert Esuka Endeley and Chief Ekoka Molindo the Secretary General of South West Chiefs’ Conference all affirmed their support to Victoria United Football Club alias OPOPO and said they will do all it takesfor OPOPO to move ahead.

At the end of the congress a sum of FCFA 21, 450,000 was raised to support the club to carry on its running cost and other obligations.

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