Why I want to be Bar President – Ebah Ntoko Justice

The Justice Ebah NTOKO team presents this strategic platform for Justice Ebah NTOKO’s election as Bar Coun-cil President. The platform focuses on securing, elevating and promoting the standing of the Bar, supporting Barris-ters in the conduct of their profession and their dedication to legal excellence, as well as their development of suc-cessful practices. To do this, we resolve to deliver services, advice and innovation that achieve resilience for the Bar and overhaul the existing disunity, its degraded commitment to excellence, the rule of law and fair and equal justice.

Ebah Ntoko Justice
“What brings us together is stronger than what divides us”


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Unity
  • Collegiality
  • Dedication


  • Serve the administration of justice and the community
  • Leadership in the law and access to justice, and participation in law reform
  • Deliver independent advice and quality service
  • Support the profession with expert, flexible and efficient      services
  • Support efforts towards maintain-ing the sanctity of  the bi-jural na-ture of the judicial system and en-sure  cultural balance


  • Justice
  • Independence
  • Leadership
  • Service

PRIORITY AREA 1: Preserve the integ-rity, independence, ethics, service and excellence of the Bar

AIM: Promote the rule of law and advocate for fair and equal justice for all, including judicial activism of judges and law reform

  • Support and advocate for policies and legislation that promote the rule of law and the administration of, and access to, fair and equitable justice
  • Promote the Bar Association’s con-tributions to policy and law reform by actively participating in law-making, judicial processes and policy -making processes


AIM: Improve and support diversity at the Bar to represent and support the society it serves

  • Promote cultural balance in repre-sentation at the Bar taking regard of the bi-jural nature of the legal and judicial system and membership at the Bar.
  • Ensure equality of opportunity with a gender perspective.

 AIM: Maintain ethics, integrity & excellence

  • Promote ethical practice and devel-op ethics training
  • Promote barristers’ rules regarding duty to the Court and efficient ad-ministration of justice
  • Initiate discussions and campaigns towards eliminating the odious ingression of charlatans into legal practice and enforce appropriate legal measures
  • Fight towards the elimination of so-called legal houses that encroach on practice at the Bar, ensuring that the integrity of legal representation at the Bar is preserved.

PRIORITY AREA 2: Support Barristers in the conduct of their profession

AIM: Deliver excellent professional development and education for bar-risters at all career stages

  • Support the Bar to act in arbitra-tions and mediations with appropri-ate training and examine the oppor-tunity to promote Yaounde/Douala/ Bamenda/Limbe as a centre for in-ternational Alternative Dispute Res-olution
  • Review and continually improve the content and learning experience and reach of our various trainings, semi-nars, conferences
  • Revive the Quarterly Law Report of the Cameroon Bar Association
  • Ensure the publication of laws/ decrees in English and French
  • Establish partnership with local and international stakeholders for provi-sion of support to training and ex-change programmes for Bar Associa-tion members, including with the International Common Law and Civil law Bar Associations
  • Open new fields of cooperation with bar associations in Africa, Asia, Aus-tralia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.
  • Organize a prestigious Law Dinner every year

PRIORITY AREA 3: Support barristers in the conduct of their practices

AIM: Assist barristers with the eco-nomic challenges of being a sole practitioner

  • Assist Barristers in relation to fee recovery issues
  • Provide education to members in relation to financial management and appropriate financial planning
  • Work with Banks and other financial institutions to provide financial sup-port to lawyers and Law firms
  • Encourage partnerships and special-ization in law practice as source of financial security
  • Respect the admission to the Came-roon Bar of foreign lawyers as pro-vided by law
  • Ensure the launching of Bar Exams on a yearly basis as provided by law

AIM: Support the health and wellbe-ing of members

  • Assist members to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle through re-search, information, awareness rais-ing and sporting activities
  • Establish a health insurance policy for the benefit of all Cameroon Bar Association members
  • Encourage sporting activities for the purpose of enhancing the health of Bar Association members and ce-menting unity among members
  • Encourage lawyers to take greater interest in participating in the politi-cal life of the country

Priority Area 4: Reinforce unity at the Bar Association

AIM: Optimize representation and participation

  • Encourage broad participation in the Bar Association, its committees and elections taking regard to the cultur-al diversity of its membership
  • Unify the Bar through inclusive con-sultation and participation in Bar activities.

Running for the Office of Batonnier



  • Born 15th February 1966 in Victoria
  • Attended Presbyterian Boys’ School Victoria
  • Secondary education in GSS Nyasoso
  • High School in CCAST BAMBILI.

(Sports Prefect).

  • Graduated from the Prestigious University of Yaounde in 1988.
  • Pupillage at Liberty Law Firm with the Legal Guru Barrister Bonu Innocent Abongmechi Mochungong.
  • Full Advocate on the 2nd of October 1998.
  • Opened Justice Law Firm in 1999 in Mutengene and transferred to Limbe in 2020.
  • Voted PRO FAKLA in 2002
  • Voted President of FAKLA 2004 to 2006.
  • Organized the First International Law Dinner as FAKLA President
  • Organized exchanges with MELA and BAYOLA on a quarterly basis.
  • Confraternity was at its zenith
  • Defended colleagues individually and collectively at the Gendarmes, Police, Legal Department.
  • Member of several commissions to fight against the erosion of Common Law.
  • Campaign Manager of Barrister Eta Besong with the slogan Time for Change.
  • PRO Common Law Society with Batonnier Sama Francis as Chairman.
  • Bar Council Member (BCM) in 2015
  • BCM mandate renewed in 2018

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