Amba commander neutralised in Mbonge

The population of Mbonge Sub division, Meme division, South-West region, can now sleep comfortably with both their eyes closed. A notorious Amba Commander, popularly known as ‘Commander Mangea’ of KottoBarombi, was neutralised by the military in early hours of Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at New Town Barombi.

Reports say that the military sneaked into Newtown Barombi, following information that the notorious Amba Commander, who have been terrorising the entire area from Marumba, Bai , Newtown to KottoBarombi villages, inflicting pain to locals in those  areas and  kidnapping for ransom was hiding there.

Locals say the military allegedly moved straight to commander Mangea’s hideout and neutralised him. His corpse was later deposited at the village square for viewing by the population. The killing of commander Mangea has been received with jubilation by the denizens in and around those villages. It should be recalled that Mbonge Sub sivision, has produced most of the Amba generals and commanders ever since the Anglophone crisis metamorphosed into an arm conflict. The likes of generals Divine, ‘Ekeku’, ‘Spiritu’ and ‘Sacks and motors’. Thanks to elements of BIR, they have all been neutralised.

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