Anglophone Crisis: The ordeals of Mr Nzene Sylvester and daughter, Nzene Sodeya Aboh for back-to-school

By Clarkson Fongang

Mr Nzene and his family are based in Limbe in Fako Division. Mr Nzene Sylvester Enongene is a back-to-school crusader advocating for orphans and homeless people through his NGO organization PFPF.

His youngest daughter Nzene Sodeya Aboh who is still a student of Government Bilingual High School has taken interest in her father’s pursue to ensure each child gets his/her fundamental rights to education and has been seen given out announcements in churches and some  public places to encourage families to send their children to school as she is working with her father.

Mr. Nzene and daughter, Nzene Sodeya in back-to-school campaign

Mr. Nzene and daughter, Nzene Sodeya Aboh have been preaching and educating families against a recent declaration by the Separatist leaders, who were of the opinion  the should be school boycott in the English speaking regions until the independent state of AMBAZONIA becomes a reality.

This act seen by the media and civil society as patriotic got the attention of many.

Many who spoke to The SUN expressed hope that their vision, commitment and practice could yield a better outcome for effective school resumption especially in remote areas of the Division.

It should be recalled many who had opted to make a difference in the ongoing crisis had in many occassion tagged as black-legs by the separatist leaders.

According to Human Rights Watch’s field and open source research, at least 4,000 civilians have been killed by both government forces and armed separatist fighters since late October 2016 in the two English speaking regions.






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