Bishop Rogan College ex-students raise over FCFA 7 million for Diamond Jubilee Project

By Ikome Chrsitie-Noella Eposi in Buea

Ex-students of the Bishop Rogan College (BIROCOL-EXSA) from different branches and batches in and out of the country have raised over FCFA 7 million francs for their diamond jubilee project (the renovation of the Bishop Jules Peeters dormitory). The members registered their massive presence during their 2023 Annual General Meeting which took place at the college premise from Friday November 10 till Sunday November 12 2023in Buea.

Presenting his address, the National President of BIROCOL EXSA, Molute Simon Esanja noted that this is the first time Bishop Rogan ex-students are meeting in Bishop Rogan. He appreciated the ex-students for their presence in BIROCOL to talk BIROCOL. “We have been able to register a record increase of the membership and the participation of the various batches. We encourage those who are lagging behind to join. The diamond jubilee is around the corner and we can’t afford to appear in disperse ranks”.

BIROCOL-EXSA at 2023 AGM to plan for Mega Diamond Jubilee by 2024

The National President added that the Diamond Jubilee project was adopted in 2020 and has to do with donating a dormitory to the institution.“This is a gift from the alumni to the alma mater so I urge us all to come on board so we move together. The project is worth over FCFA 20 million and by the end of January this year we able to have raised over FCFA 9 million and we decided to start work and so far we are 95% through with the work”.

To the EXSANS he said “now is the time to harness our potentials to engage mutual beneficial relationships amongst the alumni and in support of our alma mater. It is a daunting task that awaits us but with the dynamism portrayed, we are sure to succeed in this endeavor. We are determined to increase our efforts by promoting network among the alumni and to sell the BIROCOL brand wherever and whenever necessary”.

“If we put together our generosity, intellect, hearts and minds not leaving out some supplementary efforts, we shall optimize the expected results. I invite us all to put our intelligence at the service of BIROCOL-EXSA. As we look forward to the diamond jubilee celebration next year, we shall eat Birocol in the morning, act Birocol at noon, eat Birocol in the evening and sleep Birocol at night” the National President averred.

The rector of BIROCOL, Fr. Jude Visoh in his statement thanked the EXSA National President and his closest collaborators for a massive sensitization and excellent mobilization in view to the AGM. “We are assembled to brainstorm on issues of our common good and the good of this institution. This gathering serves as an opportunity for us to deliberate on issues that will bind us”. He appreciated the ex-students for completing 95% of the work; a progress he noted was laudable.

In an intervention, the Bishop of the Diocese of Buea, Bishop Michael Bibi extended gratitude to all for the love they have for their alma mater. He encouraged all to take their spiritual lives seriously so that they can continue to unite with God in prayer. “Times are difficult with lots of commitments but we should put hands on deck so that the project is realized at the right time. You can count on my support and prayers as a way of moving forward”.

During the AGM, the EXSANS gave recommendations aimed at getting the institution to higher heights and ensuring that the diamond jubilee is a success. The different branches presented their branch reports which comprised of difficulties faced as well as perspectives.

The National President in response to some of the concerns raised by members, spearheaded the launch of the solidarity fund scheme which he explained will help members of the association in time of distress; an initiative which was welcomed and applauded by all EXSANS.

At the close of the meeting, it is important to note that a new election did not hold as expected as members unanimously re-elected the National President and his team to work for the next two years and to continue with the diamond jubilee project they had started and which is expected to place next year.

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