Buea chiefs send ‘final warning’ to separatists


– Reiterate their stand for peace, denounce atrocities/ghost towns imposed by separatists during land-cleansing ritual

By Ikome Christie-Noella Eposi in Buea

Re-echoing their stand for peace and denouncing the ghost-towns/lockdown phenomenon, the traditional rulers of Buea  performed a land-cleansing ritual last Saturday, September 30, 2023.They issued a stern and “final warning” to the separatists telling them that ‘enough is enough’with their atrocities.

Processing through the streets of Buea, the traditional rulers could be seen accompanied by the dreaded Nganya and Malley secret cults, elite of the region, government officials and the forces of law and order.

The cleansing march follows a decision arrived at after a security meeting at the South West Governor’s office wherein the traditional rulers, elites took the commitment to move to the streets and make their presence felt, by denouncing the atrocities committed by the separatists as well as reiterate their stand so far as the return of peace to the municipality is concerned.

According to the President of the Buea Chiefs Conference/ Chief of Bokoko, HRM Chief Eko Nganje, the traditional ritual performed is to cleanse the city and also serves as a symbol for peace.  “This is a very special day as the traditional rulers of Buea, elites, sons and daughters have come out in their strength to re-echo the call for peace. We don’t want disturbance. We are embracing peace and togetherness. This is not intended to stir problems or fear. It is just a demonstration of our call for peace and harmony”. He noted.

Talking to the press, the Focal point/Member of Parliament Buea Urban Constituency, Hon. Malomba Esembe Donald said they shall continue to stand for peace not just in Buea but throughout the region. “This has been sequealed to a call by the elites of Fako Divison supported by the top executive of the region notably the governor as well as the regional assembly. The demonstration is just one to call for peace in this city. The inhabitants, irrespective of their sociological backgrounds all want peace.

“The message is simple. We have passed the epoch of terror and we are moving into a time of peace. We are calling on each and every denizen of the city and the division to exorcise fear from their psychic. Terrorists only get under our skin because we allow fear to capture our imagination”.

He urged the population to combat fear, denounce terrorists and bandits in their place so that Buea in particular and the South West region as a whole can become yet again a safe space for all.

Adding his voice to others was the traditional ruler of Great Soppo, Chief Etina Monono who revealed that the Amba boys have been causing a lot of trouble.“So we are here today as one people to say that enough is enough. We don’t want any more killings, ghost towns or children not going to school. This cleansing exercise is to ensure that no atrocities are committed in our area again and nobody should disturb us again”.

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