Cameroon, American nursing associations donate cholera treatment kits in Limbe, Buea, Tiko


Members of the Cameroon Nursing Association in collaboration with the Cameroon Nursing Association Maryland have extended their solidarity to cholera patients in Limbe, Tiko and Buea.

This was during a donation they took to the Bota District hospital, Tiko hospital and Buea regional hospital recently. The donation comprised a huge consignment of some basic items used by cholera patients on a daily basis.

The items included; Ringer lactate intravenous infusion (750) Disposable surgical scrubs (210) oral rehydration (18) Aquatabs (2500 tablets for community distribution. The members of Cameroon nursing association visit to the hospital was an opportunity to appreciate the medical staff treating the patients, while also giving hope to the patients.

Members of the Cameroon Nursing Association pose with items

Speaking during the donation exercise the head of the Cameroon nursing association Dr. Ewang Anslem Akume said, “Cameroonians based in the United States felt that they should at least do their own donation to alleviate the situation of Cameroonians who are victims of cholera in Limbe, Buea and Tiko,”

He added that they shall continue to sensitise people against cholera. While urging the medical staff to use the items for the purpose intended.

On her part, Mme Defo Prisca, Coordinator for American Nursing Association said the donations will relief the patients suffering from cholera.

Meanwhile, the Director of Bota District Hospital Dr. Moleka Obase thanked them and said the donations are timely and they are materials needed in the management of cholera patients. He assured them that they are going to use it for the purpose intended.

“The donation is coming at the right time. So it will alleviate the sufferings of the patients are facing, it will really go a long way to help patients” Dr Moleka Obase added.

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