Hysacam blames disruption in waste collection on fuel shortages

The Cameroonian Hygiene and Health Company (HYSACAM) explained, in a statement published last weekthe reasons behind the recent disruptions in its waste collection schedules. “For several weeks, recurrent shortages of diesel fuel have been disrupting several sectors of activity in Cameroon. This situation has led to the irregularity of the cleaning service in the cities, mainly Yaoundé and Douala,” the company said.The company blamed “recurring shortages of fuel to run its waste collection vehicles.”

Some marketers operating in the country have indeed backed up this comment, confirming difficulties in getting fuel supplies, especially diesel. Last year, the government already made it clear that fuel subsidies had become unbearable, causing shortages of petroleum products across the territory. To reduce this weight, which peaked at CFA775 billion in 2022, including domestic gas, the government has increased the pump prices of diesel (+25.2%), super (+15%), and oil sold to industry (+36.5%); effective since February 1, 2023. This solution is however insufficient to address the issue, HYSACAM believes.

HYSACAM, however, reassured its clients that an agreement is being negotiated with the Cameroonian Oil Depot Company to ensure the availability of fuel for its fleet. “Deliveries have been effective since March 13 and arrangements are being made for the situation to return to normal in the next few days,” the company said.

It should be noted that residents of the cities of Yaounde, Douala and to a lesser extent Limbe and Buea have been complaining for several weeks about the accumulation of waste that HYSACAM is supposed to collect. To relieve the company and make the waste collection sector more dynamic, the government has already opened the market to other investors.



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