Moroccan–based banks invest in CIMENCAM to increase production


BICEC, Société General Cameroun and Société de Commercialisation de Banque or SCB –Attijarimafa, have jointly raised FCFA 47 billion in a loan agreement signed with cement producer CIMENCAM for the construction of another plant at Figuil, North region, according to some senior officials contacted and also a read-out originating from the producer dated as recently as March 23 this year.

The amount will be used to partially finance the project whose overall cost is estimated at FCFA 50 billion. Other financial providers will fill the difference.

Bank managers decided to contribute
FCFA 47 billion for the CIMENCAM project

The additional plant will increase clinker and cement production from 150.000 tons to 500.000 tons annually. According to the forecast revealed in the above readout, the commissioning of the plant is scheduled for the end of 2023 where a production capacity of 1000 tons of clinker per day is expected to turn out.

The project is expected to be constructed by China Building Materials Industry who have already deployed the available resources to launch the work.

Details reveal that aside from the 1000 tons of clinker  per day capacity, the plant will have to be equipped with crushers, a quarry crusher of 3000 T/H, a silo of capacity 2.500 tons and a clinker storage shed with a capacity of 21.000 tons.

Since its official announcement in October 2021, targets have not been altered. So, CIMENCAM specified that, “With the launch of this new clinker and cement production line, cement production at the Figuil plant will increase from 150.000 tons to 500.000 tons per year in 2023”.

This will make CIMENCAM have a total national production capacity from all their plants, to an estimated 2.5 million tons.

CIMENCAM’S shareholding ratio is still employees 2 percent; SNI Cameroon 43 percent and 55 percent owned by Moroccans.

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