R.J.C rewards meritorious workers during anniversary celebrations

Forty-four women, twenty six men and sixteen partners and suppliers were the latest recipients of labor medals as part of celebrations of the 10th anniversary of R.J.C  (Royale de Jeux du Cameroun) lottery, owners of Premier Bet.

The celebrations took place at the esplanade of the Best Western Hotel last Friday, July 19 in the presence of the representative of the President of the Republic, Minister  Gregoire Owona, the Minister of Labor, the Governor of the Littoral Region Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Deboua, Benjamin Mboutou SDO and a cross-section of other local authorities, family members, loved ones, invited guests and sympathizers alike, in an atmosphere of conviviality and plump.

The festive mood rewards were compensation of the hard work and loyalty that characterized the meritorious workers and of course an encouragement to the recipients and those who did not yet have.

These were the messages of congratulations as the minister, the governor and the S.D.O, among others, attached the vermeil, silver and gold medals on the 75 recipients. They were exhorted to do more and not to rely on their laurels because much remains to been done and that better times are yet to come. The recipients were cautioned to understand the hard times under which they discharged their dutiesa especially at this time of the pandemic which has come to influence difficult employment chances.

Mme La Joie, General Manager R.J.C

The R.J.C staff representative is reported to have appreciated the endurance, focus and discipline demonstrated by the workforce calling the event historic. He estimated the employment figures to a staggering 6000 direct and indirect jobs whose 13 month bonuses and other labour rights are respected.

The General-Manager of R.J.C Mme Kuiya Victoire La Joie in a key statement said an employee or worker must be compensated and the biggest compensation is the reward of medals. She said the medals were dedicated to Papa Kuiya Joseph. LA Joie as one who is the Founder and who decided that workers have to be compensated with medals.

In a brief run down, Mme Kuiya disclosed that so far there are 5000 kiosks in the national territory. However, because of the problems affecting NOSO, there

were reductions in the workforce but it did not very much affect the revenue nor any corresponding reduction in salaries and other essentials like technical holidays. She added that the presence of the Minister was an honor.

The Miniter Gregoire Owona for his part commented that lottery was no longer a taboo. All that is needed is to satisfy the text which ensures transparency on the part of the business and the stakers. He exhorted the General Manager to take the enterprise to higher heights by impacting locally on their progress of development where they are operational.

As for Mr Sikati Robert Arnauld one of the recipients, he resolved to work harder to bag other medals in the near future but the task ahead he said is very challenging.

As for the reactions of PAPA Ndeffo and Amadou Moulioum, the former told The SUN that his efforts and perseverance invested even before his entry in R.J.C, have been rewarded, while on the other hand, Ahmadou Moulioum told the youth that they should desist from the belief that the only source of having green pastures is only in Europe.

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