Fight against Cholera: LCC mayor matches words with actions

As earlier announced and promised, the City Mayor of the Limbe City Council proceeded to the handing over of mattresses to the Limbe Regional Hospital, as a concrete act to fight against cholera in the municipality.

Mr. Paul EFOME L.M. NGALE was at the health establishment at about 8:00pm on Saturday March 26, 2022 to personally hand 50 mattresses of medical standards to the health structure. While donating them, the City Mayor shared his concerns on the Cholera upsurge and explained the determination of Limbe authorities in rolling back the epidemy in the community. The LCC boss also used the occasion to congratulate the doctors of Limbe for their outstanding efforts to contain the epidemy.

The medical experts on their part, showed acute appreciation for these gifts and iterated that it was going to better the condition of the overwhelming number of  admitted victims who were sometimes administered treatment on floors and corridors .

This 50 mattresses offered by the LCC Boss comes in to complete a consignment of other equipments already donated such as tents, spirit,and medication.

Expect more from the LCC

The city of Limbe has not been favoured since the outbreak of Cholera in the south west region.

Over 500 cases and tens of deaths related to this epidemic have been registered already only in the Limbe Health District area.

This situation which is greatly affecting the health of Limbe denizens, is a top preoccupation of the Limbe City Council.

The Lord City Mayor, Mr Paul EFOME L.M. NGALE, has taken the responsibility of helping out to curb this disease by posing concrete solutions to help the Limbe population.

To match words with action, the Limbe City Mayor has made provision for the supply and installation of six (6) pyramid tents and emergency  kits at the Limbe Regional Hospital. The LCC has also offered a consignment of needs that include;

– 50 matresses

– 500 intervention fluids

– 500 intravenous cannula

– 500 drip sets

– 02 plaster rolls

– Cotton 1000g

– 5 litres alcohol

–  Javel water 10 cartons

-Examination gloves 10 packets

This move by the Limbe City Council is to assist the efforts of the medical corps in the fight against cholera in the munipality.

The Limbe City Mayor re-iterates that this move shall certainly know more follow ups until the Cholera epidemy is completely eradicated in Limbe. The respect of hygiene and sanitation is highly advised to the population so as to stay abay of contamination.

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