Journalists of South West origin comfort cholera victims


Members of the Development Advocacy Welfare Network The DAWN have shown solace to patients suffering from the cholera epidemic in the South West Region. The group which is made up of communicators of South West origin residing around the nation, engaged the activity last March 26, to physically contribute in the fight against cholera in their region of origin, even as they do so on news desks.

With at least 270 packs of mineral water, Dawners made stops at the Regional Hospital  Annex in Buea, General Hospital Tiko, Regional Hospital Limbe and Bota District Hospital in Limbe.

Members of The DAWN take mineral water packs to cholera patients in Buea

In Buea where the donation exercise commenced, the team was received by the South West Regional Delegate of Public Health, Dr. Eko EkoFilbert, who took time to brief Dawners on the present situation of the epidemic in the region. He mentioned that they have so far registered over 2,500 cases of cholera infection since the epidemic broke out. The Delegate, who was accompanied by the Director of the Buea Hospital, emphasised the need for strict hygiene in households which is a major way of putting a stop to the spread of the epidemic. He equally condemned the creation of treatment centers without effective  outlined measures, which could instead boost the spread.

The DAWN presents memo to improve fight against cholera in South West

On his part, the Director of the Buea Regional Hospital Annex, Dr. Mokake, detailed Dawners on measures being taken by the hospital to contain the spread of the epidemic and also the nature of treatment administered to patients. The in-depth discussion between the medics and the Dawners permitted the Network to present a Memo addressed to South West Governor through the Regional Delegate, suggesting other ways to improve the fight against the epidemic in the region.

In Tiko and the two centers in Limbe, the story was same, as the Directors warmly received Dawners, congratulating their initiative and pressing for more sensitization on the observance of hygiene and sanitation in homes to contain the spread of the epidemic.

The DAWN learnt that at least 40 new cases were receivedon Saturday, March 26 alone, portraying the current threat of the cholera epidemic.

The donation will also reach Centers in Kumba and Ekondo Titi. The DAWN is headed by veteran journalist, Tricia Oben.

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