Parliamentary outreach: Hon. Etombi Gladys assists 100 persons affected by Limbe floods


The Member of Parliament for Fako East constituency and Vice President of parliamentary group Hon. Etombi Ikome Gladys on Monday July 18, 2022 donated mattresses and blankets to 100 persons affected by Limbe floods at the Limbe Council Hall Down Beach.

According to Hon. Etombi Ikome she had deep feelings and sympathy with those who suffered a lot during the floods. “Many people suffered but there are some who are more vulnerable than others. So I decided to reach out to those that were identified more vulnerable that is elderly, children, sick and those who do not have any means of livelihood”, Hon. Etombi Ikome added.

She urged the population to be responsible in disposing their waste, plastic bottles and bags in order not to block the water tracks which will be less dangerous to them and to always build with housing permits issued to them by the council.

Hon. Etombi Ikome thanked Limbe I and City Council for always clearing the gutters and pleaded with them to do it more often as the raining season intensifies.

Dignitaries pose with cross section of beneficiaries

The donor appreciated the SDO for Fako Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux for always being present during her parliamentary outreach programs in person. Hon. Etombi Ikome emphasised that this was not her first outreach she is carrying to assist floods victims but she has been doing it in various domains be it health, education, needy, sport among others.

“ Natural disasters no one knows when they come, but they are things we can prevent by leaving our lives properly, not dispose of waste, bottles and bags carelessly because they go to block the water way” Hon. Etombi Ikome emphasised.

On her part, the mayor for Limbe I Eposi Mbwaye Florence appreciated Hon. Etombi Ikome for the timely gesture in assisting floods victims while calling on the beneficiaries to make good of the items donated to them.

One of the beneficiaries Mafany Frida an IDP from Kumba residing in Old Park Limbe appreciated the donor for assisting them and pledged to use the items well and to implement what they are told not to block the water ways with plastics

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