Enow Abrams Egbe, 13 other members of the Electoral Board take oath at Constitutional Council

By Doh James Sonkey

Members of the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon appointed last July 12, 2022 by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya took oath to serve the Cameroonian people on Tuesday, July 26, 2022.

The oath was taken during a solemn ceremony chaired by the President of the Constitutional Council, Clement Atangana.

Clement Atangana before swearing them in, congratulated the members on their appointment and said the Cameroonian people are looking up to them with great expectations.

According to Section 12 (6) of the Electoral Code members before assuming office, the members have to take the following oath “I swear to fully and faithfully discharge my duties and exercise my office without fear or favour in accordance with the Constitution and laws in force, to ensure the confidentiality of proceedings and votes, to abstain from taking public positions and to decline any consultation on matters falling within the purview of Elections Cameroon.”

Members of the Electoral Board after taking oath pose with the Constitutional Council

A total of 14 members including 12 whose mandate was renewed took oath: President, Enow Abrams Egbe, Vice President, Amugu nee Abena Ekobena Appoline Marie, members: Bomba Nkolo Cecile, Njeuma nee  Dorothy Limunga, Sadou Daoudou nee Lady Bawa, Adamou Ali, Belle Amougou Dieudonne, Efandene Bekono Pierre Roger, Ejake Mbonda Thomas, Haman Dahirou, Manager Nschwangele Jules, Mbonda Elie, and two new members; Madam Ngo Hagbe Bell Clemence Fleur epse Epoh Adyang and Mister Nga Gasper Thairinyuy.

“Old as new, you merit the confidence of the President of the Republic. We call on new members to follow the footsteps of the old members.” Clement Atangana concluded.

In a ceremony attended by the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court and the Procureur General of the Supreme Court, the biography of each of the members was read out before they took an oath.

In his reaction, the Chairperson of the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, Enow Abrams Egbe said “I am grateful to the Head of State for recognizing the work that we do at ELECAM and accorded us his new confidence. We are motivated to move on. What we intend to do for the next 4 years is first of all consolidative for the last 5 years, put order in our house, modernize our biometric system in order to have a solid and reliable electoral register. We will also increase our communication with stakeholders of the electoral system; political parties, the state, civil society actors etc. We intend to give more clarity and fluidity in our activities that they should be aware. We also intend to improve the welfare of our staff as well as modernize where they are working. We already started this at the Head Office and we will continue in the regions.”

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