Plot to foil SDF NEC meeting flops

By Doh James Sonkey

The storm tearing the Social Democratic Front, SDF, party since the appointment of a new secre-tary general and new members of the shadow cabinet seems to have been put under control fol-lowing the National Executive meeting of the party that held over the weekend.

The group now called “Mbouda G27” came spoiling for a fight with the aim of blocking the holding of the meeting and at worst splitting the party, failed woefully as its members were tidily put in the minority with some leaving with their tails between the legs.

The maverick national chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi used both carrot and stick to tame the group.

The National Executive Committee meeting was enlarged to mayors and Members of Parliament and held at the party secretariat at Olezoa in Yaounde and was chaired by the SDF National Chairman, Ni John FruNdi.

SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi flanked by senior party officials

Even if the controversy of some newly appointed members persisted, heated debate was on the dissident Group 27.

When Hon Yoyo raised the issue, Hon Barrister Mbaya Bolivie said Group 27 should be dis-carded because it has no legal binding according to article 10 of the Constitution.

Hon Deffo Sangong accused Senator Chief Tchatchouang (2nd National Vice Chairman) of being the one causing confusion in the West region, since there is no reorganization, he participated in the creation of G27.

John Fru  Ndi said in his preliminary statement that, “For the new people who have just come in, know that people will try to push you off track giving all the excuses and insults. I appeal that if anybody had any grudge against me, put it aside let us look at the interest of the Cameroonian people first. You understand the situation the country is going through, it can collapse at any moment though I don’t pray for that to happen. You who are supposed to be the alternative, I don’t understand you again. I have given all my life to you people, to the SDF party. I told you I am going next year, I expected you people to be asking questions what we are doing to the Chairman. But rather you want me to go right now even putting on the forum that FruNdi is dead. New members, here is my problem, the SDF of yesterday was supported, the SDF of today is me, individualistic. People insult me here, in fact I seat down under ill health sweating and struggling to chair the meeting. Please keep your differences aside. If we cannot solve your problems now wait for the next NEC meeting.”

The National Chairman added “those of you who came in with the intention of destroying this meeting, you are destroying yourself. If Kalle was here I would have told him this story but since he is not here, I will keep it for the next NEC meeting but if he does not still come, ask me and I will tell you.”

On the Mbouda declaration, Ni John FruNdi got interrupted by Hon. Nincheu and ordered him to respect him as Chairman. “The Mbouda declaration said this meeting must not hold. But here is the NEC meeting holding.”

The 3rd Deputy Secretary General of the SDF, Dr. Ndah Grimbald told reporters that, “When NEC meets, it decides to raise issues affecting the political, social and economic life of the party, the nation and the world. The SDF is actually in the process of reorganization and renewal of its basic party structures such as the wards, the electoral districts, divisional coordinations and the regional executives. The SDF took important resolutions during the last NEC meeting so that the presence of the party is felt throughout the national territory.”

He said they will discuss other issues such as the visit to Cameroon of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron as from July 25, 2022.

Former Mayor Moukondo fights back 8.2

Another major issue that dominated debates was the article 8.2 slammed on former Tiko Mayor Moukondo Daniel by the Tiko electoral district and the regional coordination. Moukondo was accused of anti-party activities and for campaigning for the CPDM against his own party because his name was not on the council list.

After putting up a spirited defence saying he was being withc-hunted, the matter was also re-ferred to the legal department.

Maiden Shadow Cabinet meeting holds

Shadow Cabinet ministers who were appointed on the 16th of July 2022 had their maiden orientation session with the national chairman His Excellency Ni John Fru Ndi on July 22 , 2022 at chairman’s Nkolfoulo residence.

Convened and chaired by the chairman, His Excellency Ni John Fru Ndi on the heels of recent appointments , the shadow cabinet session was highly attended . Of the 36 shadow cabinet ministers, 32 were present .

Thanks to the maverick of technology, shadow cabinet ministers who for one reason of another participated through the zoom app.

It was an opportunity for the newly appointed members to grapple with the party’s orientation in formulating poli-cies as well as to hold accountable the government in place in each area of intervention of the state and to prepare and propose policies in their respective fields.

The shadow cabinet also known as the standby government is made up of technocrats in different areas of life.

The national chairman His Excellency Ni John Fru Ndi congratulated them for their appointment and called on them to put in more proposals to give to the people.

” You are intelligent and specialists in your fields , and i trust you all ” ,the chairman told them while wishing them success.

Worthy of note, the shadow cabinet develops public policies to be adopted by the party on the subject they cover in coherence with the manifesto and principles of the party and it’s social democratic values .

Speaking during the maiden session, the chairman His Excellency Ni John Fru Ndi said their appointment is hinged on the need to inject dynamic and visionary leaders who hold the people and the country at heart.

From the configuration of the standby government, it is of paramount importance to mention that more than 60% of the shadow cabinet ministers are of the youth generation. And the National Chairman was categoric in reiterating the need for the young people to take over as he prepares his political retirement.

The July 22 shadow cabinet meeting was equally an opportunity for some new members to know themselves as well as the new Secretary General of the social Democratic Front, Barrister Adeline Lord Djomgang already referred to as the new Iron Lady of the party who served as Rapporteur of the maiden shadow cabinet session.

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