SW Governor runs the rules on new Fako SDO

By Ikome Christie-NoellaEposi

The Governor of the South West region, Bernard Okalia Bilai has told politicians in the region to leave the new Senior Divisional Officer out of their political quarrels.

He told them to rather make good use of the newly installed S.D.O in the development of the division and not as a partner in their fight for political leadership and settlement of scores.

The Governor of the region was speaking last Saturday, July 23, 2022 at the esplanade of the S.D.O’s office at the seaside city of Limbe where he presided over the handing over ceremony of leadership to the newly appointed S.D.O, Chaibou who previously served as Senior Divisional Officer of Mayo-Kaniand takes over from Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux who has served in Fako Division for 5 years.

In his address, Governor Bilai noted that such an exercise is to ensure effectiveness while guaranteeing continuity in the functioning of the administrative machinery at the divisional level in spite of the change of individuals. He cautioned the new S.D.O to be ready to deal with land matters, chieftaincy disputes and sale of community lands which are very peculiar issues recurrent in Fako Division. He equally urged the new leader to maintain security, peace and order in the division.

Outgoing S.D.O(left hand side), SW Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai (middle) and New S.D.O for Fako CHAIBOU (right hand side)

“These preoccupations will require your keen attention to ensure the neutrality and impartiality of administrative authorities in handling of community issues which could jeopardize social cohesion. Trust and confidence are required between the administration and the local population in order to guarantee the smooth and healthy collaboration which is indispensable for positive results in the fight against terrorism and criminality”. He told the new S.D.O.

Governor Okalia enjoined the population of the region to rally their support behind the new S.DO. He applauded the outgoing Senior Divisional Officer, Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux for a job well done throughout his five-year service in Fako division.

“You will be remembered for your efforts in the preservation and promotion of peace, and for your determination to ensure the enforcement of laws as well as the fight against all forms of criminality and acts of terrorism”. You have been duty conscious and committed and have been able to ensure the continuous and smooth functioning of state institutions. The administration remains highly appreciative of your effective actions against ghost towns, school boycott and acts of violence within the division. His active contributions in providing security and protection to everyone cannot be undermined”. Gov. Bilai to outgoing Engamba Ledoux

To the new S.D.O, Governor Bilai said considering his rich academic portfolio as well as his wealth of experience, Mr. Chaibou is fit and qualified for the job. “This position requires of you not only continuity but a high spirit of initiating and sense of imagination to solve problems in this division. Persistent security threats, acts of terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, urban criminality, theft and issues that undermine social cohesion are some of the challenges you have to deal with” he cautioned.

“You shall also be required to survey the frontiers and check against any possible infiltration of arms and ammunitions by criminal gangs or secessionist armed groups. The governor reiterated that local community matters should be settled within those communities and not in the courts, police stations or gendarmerie brigade.

City Mayor hails Engamba, welcomes new SDO

Welcoming the population into the city, the City Mayor Paul Efome L.M Ngale said the former SDO Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux is written in record that during his term in office Buea and Limbe hosted 2020 CHAN and 2021 AFCON and that Limbe and Buea are today, totally transformed metropolis in terms of infrastructural development.

“You gave your all in your assignment and work with style, your gentle, calm and soft-spoken nature on its own served many issues because from every indication you were born to be a leader with charisma”. Paul Efome said

He added that Fako especially Limbe have remained to a large extent calm and peaceful thanks to Engamba Emmanuel’s zeal towards his people and equally his role in the peaceful unfolding of the 2018 presidential, municipal and legislative election in 2020 and later regional elections in Fako are all part of his achievement.

“Am sure we shall still be seeing you very often. After all this division has a sickening child, I know we shall miss your involvement and especially your punctuality in public events “ Paul Efome stated.

Fako Division which is very strategic and vibrant Division among the 58 Divisions in the country. Has a surface area of 2029km in politics it has some of the finest politicians and has produced three prime ministers

He added that the soil is fertile hosting the biggest agro-Industrial cooperation in Cameroon with over 20,000 employees, sea is rich hosting Limbe Natical arts and fishery industry and also harboring SONARA.

To the new SDO Paul Efome noted “Mr Senior Divisional Officer for Fako you have come at a time when the Division is faced with great challenges including land grabbing and sales of state and national land, urban disorder and clandestine transportation and equally non registration of commercial motor bike in the Division.”

Who is Mr. CHAIBOU?

Born on October 1, 1965 in the Centre region, Mr Chaibou has a rich educational portfolio. He obtained his B.E.P.C in 1984. He later obtained the Probatoire in 1986 and his Baccalaureat in 1988. He then enrolled in the faculty of Law and Economic Science in the University of Yaoundé where he earned a ‘lisence android publique’ in 1993 and later a ‘metrice android publique’ in public law in 1996 from the University of Yaoundé 11 Soir. He later passed into ENAM in 1997 and graduated in 1999 with an ENAM diploma in general administration. He began his career as a senior support staff at the ministry of territorial administration and has served the administration in several capacities as S.D.O and D.O in many areas.


“We are ready to work with the new S.D.O”- Mayor of Buea Municipality, David Mafani Namange

“His success is our success as well and we are ready to accompany him achieve his developmental goals in the division in particular and the region as a whole. We are there to give him our full support and collaboration. We have to work on finalising the Fako Union of Councils because we have realised that for us to benefit as a division we must come together”.

“We want to continue to have peace in Fako division- SW Regional Delegate of Secondary education, Dr. Hannah Etonde Mbua

“We expect that with the new S.D. O’s coming, there is going to be continuity from where his predecessor stopped. We want to continue to have peace in Fako division and we hope he maintains that. I equally expect that the S.D.O uses his experience to help resolve chieftaincy problems as well as issues concerning the creation of villages. I call on the people of Fako division to be peace loving and work very closely with the new S.D.O and all his collaborators.

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