Succession in SDF: Hon Nintcheu technically sidelined from race to succeed Fru Ndi

By Yusinyu Omer in Yaoundé

The Social Democratic Front party last July 23, 2022 met in Yaoundé in its National Executive Committee to look at the life of the party in the past months, as well as discuss the way forward for the party.

Amongst the many resolutions taken was the dismissal of Hon Jean Michel Nintcheu as NEC commission head for the reorganisation exercise for the North region. His dismissal came after it was observed that the NEC commission in charge of reorganising the North region had not started work with no excuse nor tangible reason given.

His dismissal, according to the resolutions of the meeting, means he will not be eligible to run for any position in the party or any other position under the canopy of the party.

Hon Jean Michel Nintcheu has described the move as manipulation from some of the party members in order to eliminate him and take his position as well as the chairmanship of the party. “I do not see any link between not executing a task given to you and being a candidate at an election in the party”, he said.

“When I was given this task, the regional president for the North region was sick and hospitalised in Yaounde. I tried making arrangements with him on when we can start the exercise but his health situation was not the best since March till around June 27 that we met in Yaounde during the parliamentary session”, said the Member of Parliament.

“It was only after the parliamentary session that he said he was a bit better and ready for the exercise to start. I then made arrangements with him but unfortunately, the NEC meeting came up before we could start the exercise. What is baffling is that I even wrote a report which was sent to the party and which could be verified as far as the issue is concerned but it was not even looked at”, he lamented.

“The regional president for the North region did not even attend the meeting which is a clear indication that he had not yet regained himself to be able to take part in the meeting. If he had even directed me to one of his subordinate to work with, the exercise should have kicked off long ago. The burial of my father also delayed the exercise in the Littoral region since it could not be done in my absence. When I came back, I called the NEC commission which was in charge of the Littoral and the exercise was carried out”, explained Hon Nintcheu

As concerns the decision to eliminate him from participating in any elections in the party, Hon Nintcheu said it was manipulated by those who consider him as a rival and will not want to go to elections with him for fear of losing to him. “The constitution of the party makes it clear the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to be eligible to run for any elections in the party”, he said.

“Hon Osih Joshua is behind those types of resolutions because he knows he cannot win if we were to contest in an election. That is why he had to conspire with the secretary general of the party, who also doubles as he alternate in Douala 1 to eliminate me from the race. His manipulations started from the appointment of members into the shadow cabinet, to the extent that he appointed some members without prior notification like Agbor Balla”, explained Hon Nintcheu.

He then went further to explain that Osih is in parliament today as well as the vice president of the party thanks to the support he has always given him. To him and from what he says he has seen as far as Osih’sinteractions with the ruling government are concerned, Osih got into politics so as to promote the business he does and not as a politician.

Another major resolution taken at the meeting was the tightening of noose over those who speak on the party on newspapers, TV and radio talk shows. Henceforth, any militant who has to speak on behalf of the party must get clearance from the National Secretary for Communication, Shadow Cabinet Minister incharge of Information and the Media and the secretary general of the party.

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